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Air Valve Type 481600

In spring 2000 System Flygenring introduced the now well tested Air Valve Type 482400. The succes is now followed up by a new addition to this system. The Air Valve Type 481600 is developed especially for mouldings with many small cavities and short cavity distance for instance stack mouldings. It began more than 30 years ago with the patented needle valve system with spring and adjustable needle.


The needle valve system with spring, which is developed for high-speed injection mouldings producing disposable articles and packing is still a good choice when producing thin-walled parts of simple plastic materials such as PS, PP or PE where a small injection point makes it possible to establish the counterpressure needed to hold back the spring during injection.

However, expanding areas for use of the needle valves in products for household, technical and medical use have created the need of  a new needle valve system, which is tight even when producing parts with large wall thickness and corresponding large counterpressure.

Therefore System Flygenring presents a new generation of 2-way operated needle valves. This new construction is provided with a unique turbo air cooled sealing system, which keep tight without use of too large dimensioned air piston pressure. The air valve operates with a minimum of mechanical friction. It operates uncomplicated, with less power and less demands for the dimension of the gate point.

The air valve type 481600:

Is suitable for most known plastic materials

Can be build in with only 25 mm between cavities

Has a needle pressure of 12 kp at 6 bar

Supplied with 2 mm standard needle, special needles for glass reinforced material are available

Is colour coded on each valve part (ex. The piston is yellow)

Is mountable and adjustable while in the moulding using the enclosed set of special keys



In order not to damage the air cooled sealing system it is important:

To turn on the air piston pressure before heating the hotrunner.

To maintain the air piston pressure until the temperature of the hotrunner is below  150 degree Celsius.


Please contact our dealers, who will provide you with the information necessary to get a good result, when you use the system in new projects.


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